2018 New York Masters Race Schedule

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12/17/17 Holiday Valley GS/GS Can-Am pre-season races. (non points)
1/7/18 Swain GS/SL
1/13/18 Toggenburg SL/SL                                                                             1/14/18 Song Mtn GS/GS                                                                                    1/27/18 Holimont GS/GS
Kissing Bridge SL/SL
2/6/18 Okemo SG Training Nationals
2/7/18 Okemo SG Race Nationals                                                                    2/8/18 Okemo Combined (1 Run SG 1 Run SL) Nationals                                     2/9/18 Okemo GS/SL Age Group Depending Nationals
2/10/18 Okemo GS/SL Age Group Depending Nationals
2/17/18 Hunt Hollow GS/GS                                                                             3/4/17 Swain GS/SL NY Masters Finals 

Outside of NY Training Possibilities

Major Events:

Phillips 66 Masters
National Championships
Okemo , VT
Feb. 6-10, 2018
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NOTE: Regional and National championships require an Alpine
Master membership to compete.